Flushing Toilets could spread coronavirus, researchers say

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Flushing Toilets could spread coronavirus, researchers say

Flush toilet with lid is a must when you are using toilet the next time

Thursday, 18th June 2020

After using the toilet, we all run the flush but now you need to think twice before running the flush. Researchers at China’s Yangzhou University have found out that the novel COVID-19 virus can stay alive in our digestive tract and can pass out of the body alive during defecation in case any of us are infected by the novel virus. This report was presented through the Press Trust of India this Wednesday. So, next time any infected person flushes the toilet after using, he or she must close the toilet lid while flushing.


Journal ‘Physics of Fluids’ presents computer models in support of the study that talks of the droplet cloud that results from the air and water flows during the flushing of a toilet.  Scientists often call this phenomenon ‘toilet plume aerosol’.


The findings further say that flushing of a toilet could create much turbulence during which tiny fecal particles not visible to the naked eyes could get released into the surrounding air and environment. Those tiny fecal bits could get glued to the aerosols or to anyone who visits the toilet after the infected person. In fact, the person who visits next could inhale the fecal bits in the air around.


In this context, Ji-Xiang Wang, co-author of the research paper said:"Flushing will lift the virus up from the toilet bowl."…Mr. Wang further said: "One can foresee that the velocity will be even higher when a toilet is used frequently, such as in the case of a family toilet during a busy time or a public toilet serving a densely populated area,"


However, in a statement made by Mr. Charles P. Gerba, a renowned microbiologist (University of Arizona) to Washington Post, it was said that the claims made by the researchers from China’s Yangzhou University have not been proved yet. He further stated: "The big unknown is how much virus is infectious in the toilet when you flush it...and how much virus does it take to cause an infection,"



Source: NDTV

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