India is planning to become more self reliant post COVID as opined by PM Modi

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India is planning to become more self reliant post COVID as opined by PM Modi

India launches the maiden auction for commercial coal mining

Friday, 19th June 2020

This Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a statement that India is not ready to sit and pine over the COVID-19 crisis…instead India will turn the present crisis into an avenue that would lead the country towards self reliance. He made this statement during the commercial coal mining launch. He also said the country will battle successfully against the crisis and defeat it. In this context, it’s worthwhile to quote the PM.


"India is not in favour of considering this as a big calamity and sit and cry over it. Howsoever big calamity it might be, India is committed to turning it into an opportunity,"..."India will fight coronavirus and also win against it.


-PM Narendra Modi

By self-reliance Modi ji meant that India should focus on the domestic resources instead of importing things from other countries and should try to make the needed goods in the country itself. This will save the money spent in foreign exchanges and that money, according to Modi ji, may be used for the benefit of the poverty-struck people of the country.


Earlier in the week PM Modi had a meeting with the State CMs and during the meeting he had urged the CMs to focus intently on the forthcoming phase of the country’s unlocking and on expediting the rate on economic activities in the country.


While delivering his speech at the commercial coal mining launch event this Thursday PM Modi said that the country has already taken its first step towards growing into a self-reliant nation with the maiden auctioning of the coal blocks for the purpose of commercial mining. It is hoped that this maiden auction will draw a capital investment worth Rs 33, 000 crore in the country over the period of next 5-7 years.


Modi ji further declared that a gasification amounting to 100 million tonnes of this dry fuel has been aimed for by the Indian government by the year 2030 and the planned investment is likely to be Rs 20, 000 crores.



Source: NDTV

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