India bags a recovery rate of 54%

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India bags a recovery rate of 54%

India is doing good in containing the pandemic

Monday, 22nd June 2020

The COVID-19 picture isn’t that bleak in India after all. On one hand, it is true that the total number of COVID cases is rising rapidly in the country but there has been an increase in the recovery rate as well. Over 2 lakhs people have recovered from the Coronavirus infection in the country so far and that has increased the recovery rate in the country to 53.79%. The number of active cases in the country has crossed 3.80 lakhs but when we compare this with the recovery rate, we’ll find that the pandemic management scenario in India isn’t that depressing after all.


According to reports from the Centre the picture shows efficient clinical management of the pandemic as the gap between the number of active cases and the number of recovered patients is increasing at a steady pace.


An official from the health ministry said in this context: “The trend in the daily numbers shows an increasing rate of recovery, and an increasing gap between active and recovered cases. The increase in the proportion of recovered cases is a demonstration of India’s strategy of timely management of Covid-19,”


According to reports in the past 24 hrs 10, 386 patients have recovered from the Coronavirus infection. The total number of patients who have recovered so far in the country stands at 2, 04, 710. At present the total number of active coronavirus cases in the country stands at 1, 63, 248.


The state of Maharashtra has nearly 1/3rd of the total number of coronavirus infections in the country. The number of recovered patients in the state as recorded this Friday was 60, 838 and that’s the highest number among all other Indian states so far. Tamil Nadu with total number of recovered patients standing at 28, 641 came second followed by Delhi where the total number of recovered patients had been 21, 341.


The Health Ministry further said that the lockdown phase allowed the government sufficient time for ramping up health infrastructure and testing facilities which paved the way for a improved rate of recovery through efficient clinical management and timely detection of coronavirus cases. The ever increasing gap between the number of active cases and the number of recovered patients is thus the outcome of the India government’s pre-emptive, graded and timely approach in containing the pandemic and its effective implementation by the numerous frontline workers in the country.



Source: Times of India

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