Covid 19: Organizing religious events will make things worse in many countries, says WHO

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Covid 19: Organizing religious events will make things worse in many countries, says WHO

Cases have been increasing because of gatherings

Tuesday, 23rd June 2020

Many nations have been able to contain the pandemic successfully. However, gatherings for religious purposes, or at nightclubs, cafes etc. are increasing the spread of the infection, WHO officials stated on Monday.


While in the “second wave” of infection in and around Seoul, there was small and continuous outbreaks here and there in South Korea due to May holiday. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO epidemiologist and technical lead on Covid 19 pandemic stated, “There are many countries right now that have had success in suppressing transmission and bringing human-to-human transmission to a low level that are starting to see increasing cases”.


“Any opportunity that the virus has to take hold, it will”, she warned adding that countries should “put everything they can” and isolate the infected ones to prevent the second wave of infection.


Mike Ryan, top emergencies expert of the World Health Organization said, “My understanding is that the vast majority of cases being detected are linked to existing and recognized clusters and as such the South Korean authorities still have great visibility over where the virus is and the dynamics within which the chains are transmitting”.


He declared that the number of cases in South Korea is “very, very stable or actually dropping”.



Source: India Today 

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