A tweeted post with a picture of the wrinkled hands of a doctor wearing gloves for over 10 hours garners salute from netizens

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A tweeted post with a picture of the wrinkled hands of a doctor wearing gloves for over 10 hours garners salute from netizens

The photo goes viral

Tuesday, 23rd June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a world-changer and nothing in the post COVID era will be as it was previously. The infectious disease has infected 9 million + people worldwide and has claimed 4.7 lakh lives so far. Amid the crisis a group of heroes have come to the fore…these heroes may not be wearing capes and crowns as the heroes from the pages of Comic books or from the Silver Screens. The heroes are none other than the healthcare staffs.


Doctors, nurses and other medical staffs who are involved tirelessly in treating COVID-19 are no doubt the biggest of heroes. They are as good as soldiers armed with all the needed tools to battle successfully against the deadly pandemic.


As the contagious infection continues to infect masses and take lives, medical staffs are working 24/7 to treat the ailing patients. In some cases, their working hours may extend to many days based on the graveness of the situation that demands their attention.


While treating patients they have to wear protective suits to make sure that they, their colleagues and all others are safe. But, have you ever thought about the difficulties they are facing with their PPE gears on for more than 10-12 hrs per day?


The photo of the wrinkled hand of a doctor after wearing protective suit and gloves for nearly 10 hrs at a stretch has gone viral of late bringing the focus on the various difficulties frontline staffs are facing day in and out while carrying out their duties towards the COVID-19 patients in special isolated wards. Netizens are showing their gratitude towards the frontline staffs after seeing this photo.


Awanish Sharan, an IAS Officer shared the photo on Twitter along with a post that read: "This is the hand of a doctor after removing his medical precautionary suit and gloves after 10 hours of duty. Salute to the frontline heroes."



Source: Times Now news 

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