First Yoga University of the World launched in Los Angeles

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First Yoga University of the World launched in Los Angeles


Thursday, 25th June 2020

Yoga University; first of its kinds in the whole of the world has come into existence. As part of the celebrations of the 6th International Yoga Day, this University has been set up in Los Angeles. The programs offered at the University combine modern research-based approaches and scientific principles with the ancient doctrines of Yoga that took its birth in the Indian soil many ages back. The University has been named after Swami Vivekananda. It is called the Vivekananda Yoga University or VaYU. The launching of the University took place this Tuesday under the joint initiative of V Muraleedharan (Minister of State for External Affairs) and P.P Chaudhary (Chairperson of the Standing Committee on External Affairs). A virtual function was organized at the office of the virtual event held at the Consulate General of India (New York)


Dr. HR Nagendra; Chancellor of SVYASA and one of the most renowned yoga gurus of the times has been appointed VaYU’s first Chairman. During his address at the launch event V Muraleedharan said that Swami Vivekananda had taught the world about universal brotherhood from America and through this newly launched Yoga University out of India, the philosophy of Yoga will be broadcasted worldwide from America. He talked about the emotional & mental stability that Yoga can bring.


In this context it is worthwhile to quote his words: "As the symbol of India's culture and heritage, yoga has become the means for unity and brotherhood in the world. Through the medium of yoga, we can give the message of world peace,"


The event was hosted jointly by Prem Bhandari; the Consulate General and Jaipur Foot USA Chairperson and the VaYu founding director.


Nagendra who is yoga consultant to PM Modi said in a speech: "Inspired by his teachings and the solutions he has given to meet challenges of the modern era, we took up this entire process of bringing yoga into the academic dimension"


He further said that it "combines best of the East and best of the West. Best of the East is yoga and its applications and best of West is modern scientific research."


The university is supposed to offer a Yoga Master's program online. Applications for 2020 Fall Semester will be accepted from the first day onwards of the yoga classes scheduled to start on the 24th of August. The classes will be conducted via the virtual mode.



Source: NDTV

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