Pending Class X Exam starts in Karnataka today

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Pending Class X Exam starts in Karnataka today

Board exams start in the state after a long gap

Thursday, 25th June 2020

Board Exam (Class X) begins in the state of Karnataka today and 8 + lakh students are sitting for the exam. Despite the concerns of parents pertaining to student safety, the education board of the state has decided to move ahead regarding the board exam that was pending for long due to the pandemic.


In this context Mr. Suresh Kumar; the Education Minister of the state said: "I feel this is a duty that is being performed by the state government. In our state, 10th standard is a milestone in a student's life. We consulted many people and decided to hold the examinations. We have submitted an SOP to the High Court which gave a green signal,"


While talking of the details of the precautionary measures they are undertaking Mr. Suresh Kumar further said:"Children's safety is a top priority. In each room only 18 students will be allowed, 20 if the room is bigger. Social distancing will be maintained. Each student will be tested with a thermal scanner. If a student forgets a mask, the centres will give one. Sanitizers will be used. We request parents to cooperate and maintain social distance at the gates,"


Across the state schools are making special efforts to make sure that the students are absolutely safe in the midst of the increasing number of corona cases in the state.


Students who reached their examination centre this morning were provided sanitizers and face masks…also, only after checking their body temperature, the students were allowed entry into the examination hall.


In an interview Principal of St. Joseph's Convent Girls High School told ANI: "464 students writing exam, 20 will sit in one class. 2 rooms for those from containment zones and those who are unwell. We are working for last 3 weeks to get everything in place, ensuring they maintain social distancing, wear mask and sanitise,"



Source: NDTV

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