Delhi becomes the worst hit coronavirus hotspot

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Delhi becomes the worst hit coronavirus hotspot

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Thursday, 25th June 2020

Mumbai was the worst-hit city by coronavirus since June 9th, overtaking Wuhan in China. After two weeks, Delhi has now become the hotspot for the number of cases in Delhi exceeds that of Mumbai.

70,390 cases have been reported in Delhi until Thursday morning while Mumbai had reported 69,528 cases.


Here are the 10 points:

1.Delhi had been reporting more than 1,000 cases every day since May 29th. The increase in the number has been thrice since the baseline.


2.Mumbai had the greatest number of coronavirus cases till June second week. In the first week of June, Delhi’s number of cases were rapidly increasing (about 5.25%, while in Mumbai, it was hardly 3%).


3.Delhi reported 3,947 new cases on 23rd of June which was the highest spike in comparison with all the cities of the world.


4.However, Delhi’s population is more than Mumbai’s and has tested more people (around 4.2 lakh tests).


5.Delhi is testing 22,142 for every 10 lakh people. Delhi’s positivity rate is increasing to almost Mumbai’s.


6.Considering the population, Delhi has 347 cases per 10 lakh population whereas in Mumbai, the ratio is 5,478 cases per 10 lakh population.


7.Death toll in Delhi is lesser than Mumbai’s with more number of recoveries. There are 28,548 active cases with 37,008 recoveries in Mumbai with a death toll of 3,964.


8.Delhi’s active cases are 26,588 with 2,365 deaths and 41,437 recoveries.


9.Mumbai’s daily cases have cut down from 2.7 to 2.4% since June.


10. House to house screening will be done in Delhi by the government as an attempt to contain the virus. The screening of 45 lakh households in the containment zones will be finished by June 30th, and the rest, by July 6th.



Source: India Today 

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