Indian railways have decided to cancel regular train booking and refund fares

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Indian railways have decided to cancel regular train booking and refund fares

Restriction on running of trains is back!

Friday, 26th June 2020

This Thursday it has been declared by the Indian Railways that the fare of all tickets booked between 1st of July and 12th of August for the regular trains would be refunded as COVID cases in India have leaped high enough after a month of the relaxing of restrictions imposed by the government in the month of March. Only the special trains that were announced in the months of May-June will be running as per the declaration from the railways. Towards the end of March all rail services were abruptly stopped to check the spread of the virus.


Only movement of few essential cargos was allowed during this time. During the start of this Month, 200+ special trains were running across the country. The number was made to increase from 30 special trains to 200+ trains. These included special trains running in 15 pairs on the Rajdhani Express routes since the 12th of May 2020. The number was increased to 100 pairs after June 1st.


With COVID cases continually rising in the country and the prevailing uncertainty regarding the resumption of normal services, railway officials told that they wished to refund the regular ticket bookings. Prior to lockdown, nearly 12, 000 trains plied each day allowing nearly 2 crore passengers to travel.


The limited number of special suburban rail services that had begun in Mumbai recently to transport essential services-related personnel as selected by the authorities shall continue to ply. Home Ministry had issued few travel-related regulations and among the listed regulations it has been declared that all passengers will be checked through thermal scanners and only the ones who are asymptomatic will get the permission to board train.


The on-board passengers will be asked to observe social distancing. Also, they’ll have to wear facial masks all through the journey. All passengers will also have to use sanitizers on their hands frequently.


Furthermore, no bed linen, blankets and catering will be supplied to passengers. They’ll need to carry their own things.


A record rise in COVID Cases was experienced by the country this Thursday…16922 new covid cases were registered and that took the case total to 5 lakhs and the death toll to about 15, 000. That brings India just behind US, Brazil, Russia and the stats show that the total number of cases in India are near about 5 times more than China; the originating country with a population size nearly similar to that of India’s.



Source: NDTV

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