Patanjali and Swami Ramdev clarify the questions raised on drug CORONIL

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Patanjali and Swami Ramdev clarify the questions raised on drug CORONIL

Is CORONIL really a corona cure?

Friday, 26th June 2020

Recently Swami Ramdev; the Yoga guru and owner of the brand ‘Patanjali’ was brought under the anvil of criticism because of the claims made by the brand of having successfully launched a drug that can cure COVID-19. Swami Ramdev, in order to flout the criticisms, opened his mouth saying that the brand has not broken any law of the country. In a post on Twitter, the company said: "There is no room for confusion," S K Tijarawala (Patanjali spokesperson) said in this context:"The licence for the drug was obtained on the basis of the traditional knowledge and experience related to the medicinal virtues of Ashwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi,"


He also said:"The positive results of the clinical trials conducted legally on corona patients were shared,"


In a different Tweet, the company said that it hasn’t made any sort of illegal claim pertaining to the medicine’s label. The post read: "Manufacture and sale of a medicine is carried out as per the rules laid down by the government and not in accordance with someone's personal belief or ideology,"


It further read:"Patanjali has complied with all legalities,". The company also requested the people to stay away from unwanted commentary on this particular issue. Haridwar-based branch of the company launched the drug ‘Coronil on Tuesday claiming that it can treat coronavirus infection.


The company stated that the drug, when consumed with another product of the company, did cure all the COVID-19 positive patients on whom the trial was conducted in just seven days.


The trial, as informed by the company, was carried out as part of a joint venture between Patanjali and Jaipur-based private organization ‘National Institute of Medical Sciences’.


A couple of hours post the launching of the drug, AYUSH ministry has issued an order for Patanjali Ayurved asking them to provide all research details and details regarding the drug’s composition. AYUSH Ministry has also asked Patanjali not to advertize about the product until the issues are resolved.


An official from Uttarakhand said on Wednesday that the Company Patanjali had just applied for getting a licensure for the manufacturing of a cough and cold preventative immune booster.


YS Rawat (License Officer; Uttarakhand Ayurved department) said in this context: "There was nothing in their application related to the treatment of coronavirus,"



Source: NDTV

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