Quirky Ice Cream Fusion Announcement attracts disgust from netizens

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Quirky Ice Cream Fusion Announcement attracts disgust from netizens

Would want to try these new immunity-boosting ice creams?

Monday, 29th June 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has made most of us pay attention to the food we are consuming. Good and nutritious food, as we all know, is the source of good health. The pandemic has also urged us to focus specially on the immunity-boosting fares. Researchers worldwide have attached much importance to a good immune system in helping one fight the virus. That’s the reason why people now wish to eat and drink ‘healthy’.


 But, there are certain foods you cannot just do without even if they aren’t that healthy. One such food or rather dessert is Ice Cream. Keeping in mind the immense love that people have for Ice Creams and the current crisis, a Kerala-based Ice Cream brand known by the name of ‘Dairy Day’ has decided to produce ice creams with a healthy twist. This is again one of those quirky fusion foods that match the ever-existing trend of food experimentation.


This new ice cream range from the brand includes Chyawanprash Ice Cream & Haldi Ice Cream. While introducing its new range, the company posted the following on Facebook:


"Ice cream and healthy? We made it possible. Presenting, first time in India, Dairy Day PLUS ice creams with immunity-boosting Chyawanprash and Haldi. Pamper your kids, family, and friends with sweet and strong delights. #Health is the new #cool,"


The company claimed that no other brand had ever produced ice creams like this and it’s the first of its kinds in the country. The Haldi-flavored ice cream as claimed by the brand contains ingredients like haldi, honey and pepper while the Chawanprash ice cream contains extras like amla and dates too. the news of this novel ice cream range obviously made its way to Twitter but the response showed by the netizens on Twitter wasn’t that encouraging. Many including director-actor Tahira Kashyap showed their disgust at such an eccentric fusion.


 "Can you IMAGINE someone actively wanting to eat CHYAWANPRASH FLAVORED ICE CREAM who comes up with this stuff." Another wrote, "What what what who wants to eat this ??? Yikessssss" said one Twitter user.



Source: NDTV

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