Rumours about the demise of Singer S. Janaki was dismissed by her friends and family

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Rumours about the demise of Singer S. Janaki was dismissed by her friends and family

The rumors annoy her friends & family!

Monday, 29th June 2020

Recently rumours were making their rounds about the playback singing legend, S. Janaki’s death. In response to that, her annoyed family members refuted that she just had a small operation and is fine. In their words, she is “well and healthy” now. Many a times before also rumours about the singer’s death had been spread. Manobala, Mano and S P Balasubrahmanyam among many others tried to dismiss the rumors about S. Janaki’s death through social media. They also requested everyone to keep from spreading such rumors.


Mano tweeted: “Just spoke to Janakiamma. She is in Mysuru. She is hale & healthy. Please don’t spread rumours ???? #SJanaki,”

Manobala tweeted: “No…its wrong news..she got a minor operation..she’s ok now “


S P Balasubrahmanyam is closely associated with S.Janaki due to their career in music asked people to act in a more responsible manner. He further informed that he had communicated with S. Janaki and that she is quite fine.


In an interview with Times of India, S P Balasubrahmanyam said: “Since morning, I have received about twenty calls about the welfare of Janaki amma. Somebody has on social media or somehow said she is no more. What nonsense is it? I talked to her and she is doing very well. You see, what happens is, people love some artistes to the core, they may have a heart attack. Please use social media for positivity. Don’t make fun of these things. Don’t use social media for adverse things. Long live Janaki amma. She is very safe and very healthy,”


S Janaki’s career as a playback singer took off in the year 1957 with a playback singing project for Tamil movie Vidhiyin Vilayattu. After that there was no looking back for her and she has sung more than 48, 000 songs so far. In 2016, she announced about her retirement from the musical career.



Source: Indian Express

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