507 people have lost their lives in one day due to coronavirus

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507 people have lost their lives in one day due to coronavirus

Highest one-day spike in deaths so far

Wednesday, 1st July 2020

The highest single-day spike in coronavirus deaths is 507 until this morning. The death toll now, stands at 17,400 in India. 18,653 fresh cases have been reported in one day increasing the total number of cases to 5,85,493. 59.43% is the recovery rate as per the government record.


The highest number of cases and deaths reported by states in 24 hours is as follows:

Maharashtra- 4,878; 245 deaths

Tamil Nadu- 3,943; 60 deaths

Delhi- 2,199; 62 deaths

Karnataka- 947;20 deaths

Telangana- 945

Uttar Pradesh- 25 deaths


Here are the 10 highlights:

1.Assam reported its highest one-day spike of 613 new cases yesterday. The state has reported 8,407 cases with a death toll of 12, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Health Minister stated.


2.Complete lockdown has been announced for 14 days in Guwahati since 28th of June and has 1,767 coronavirus cases as of now.


3.In Delhi, over 75% of the total number of cases was reported after the restrictions were given during Unlock1 in June as per the records of health department of Delhi. Between June 1st to June 30th, 66,526 new cases were reported.


4.Tamil Nadu plans on opening religious places today with new measures and guidelines after a month of central government permitting it to open. The state is third highest in the number of cases so far.


5.A complete lockdown will be imposed in Karnataka on five Sundays till 2nd of August from 5th of July according to the state’s Unlock 2 guidelines given on Tuesday. But already scheduled essential activities and wedding events will be permitted with not more than 50 guests.


6.West Bengal has requested the centre to stop incoming flights from eight cities where the infection is violent.


7.Minister Piyush Goyal has announced that the Railways will allow 350 trains in Western and Central Railway Zones each to increase its services in suburban Mumbai. Only personnel of essential services identified by the government will be permitted.


8.Around 506,818 people have been killed by the pandemic globally, which started in China last year as per Tuesday’s AFP tally. The total number of cases is over 10.3 million across 196 countries and territories. The United States is the worst-hit with a death toll of 126,512.


9.Over 40% of the infected patients in an Italian town had no signs of illness, says a study published in Nature. This means that asymptomatic people may significantly spread the infection.


10. A new type of swine flu capable of being a ‘pandemic’ has been found in China by the researchers. As per a research published in the US science journal PNAS, G4 is has genetically originated from the H1N1 strain that caused an outbreak in 2009.



Source: NDTV



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