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Another Chandra grahan to come on 5th July 2020

Penumbral lunar eclipse to occur soon

Thursday, 2nd July 2020

The 2nd Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse of this year is likely to take place on this July 5th. According to analysis this eclipse is likely to be penumbral eclipse of the moon in the daytime and visibility of the eclipse will be poor enough. This eclipse, as per analysis, will be coinciding with full Buck Moon. Buck Moon is the name given to the full Moon that would occur this July. It has been named so after the buck deer’s antlers. The other names given to that Full Moon is Hay moon and Thunder moon. The name ‘Hay Moon’ comes from the harvest of Hay that occurs during this time. The name ‘Thunder Moon’ comes from the occurrence of Thunderstorms during this time.


The penumbral type of lunar eclipse occurs when the moon, sun and earth aren’t completely aligned. The planet ‘Earth’ may partly block the rays of the sun and stop it from traveling to the moon. Only the Earth’s outer shadow (penumbra) will show itself on the Moon.


Only those who are careful sky watchers may be able to spot the eclipse at daytime. The eclipse will start at 8:38 am and will end at 11:21 am. The maximum effect of this eclipse will be seen at 9:59 am.


There are various quirky customs and rituals associated with eclipse and people have been viewing eclipses with awe. People used to go without food, pray and even take holy dips during and after eclipses.


But as Scientists started speaking more about eclipses, the cloud of fear and myths got dispelled. Every cosmic event has a scientific explanation and it is just unnecessary for anyone to get scared by such events. All you need to do is use a special pair of eyeglasses for viewing an eclipse. You shouldn’t ever view eclipses with naked eye.



Source: NDTV

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