Twitter: This video of a herd of deer goes viral

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Twitter: This video of a herd of deer goes viral

Deer running around Mithi river, Mumbai

Monday, 6th July 2020

Afroz Shah, a lawyer in Mumbai, who has now turned into an environmentalist tweeted, “This is right in the heart of the Mumbai city”.


The reduced pollution and movement of people due to lockdown has given time for nature to revive itself and the internet it flooding with videos where wildlife is seen in urban areas. The latest one, in which a herd of deer is seen hopping around Mithi River in Mumbai, has gone viral on social media.


Afroz Shah, who began the Versova Beach clean-up in 2015, shared the clip on Twitter, which was filmed on Thursday evening.

He wrote, “This is right in the heart of the Mumbai city”. He added, “Our cleanup of River Mithi started at this very spot”.

“Leave mother nature alone. Mother nature revives”, he wrote.


The post has gained almost 25,000 views and hundreds of responses on Twitter since three days.


“Unbelievable that it is Mumbai! Superb. Your efforts are bearing fruits”, someone wrote in the comments section. Another one wrote, “Can't believe this is in Mumbai, so beautiful”.


“The river is 18 kilometres long starting at Vihar lake in Powai and ending near the Bandra Kurla Complex. Looking at the condition of the river I can say that it is going to take at least five years to clean the river”, he reported to NDTV.

Here is a glance of what he shared: Twitter



Source: NDTV

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