Amar Dubey, right hand of Vikas Dubey killed in police encounter

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Amar Dubey, right hand of Vikas Dubey killed in police encounter

Chief comrade of Gangster shot down dead

Wednesday, 8th July 2020

Amar Dubey; one of the chief aides, body guard and ‘shadow’ of wanted Indian gangster, Vikas Dubey was killed this Wednesday in Uttar Pradesh in a Police encounter. He too was a major part of last week’s ambush in which 8 policemen lost their lives. In fact, it is said that he had been one of the planners of the ambush.


According to sources, Amar Dubey was newlywed (married only last week) and Vikas Dubey had played a key role in Amar Dubey’s wedding. Police were searching for the 15 aides of Vikas Dubey ever since the Kanpur failed raid incident occurred in which policemen were killed. In that 15 aides list Amar was one of the most prominent one. Amar Dubey had been Vikas Dubey’s armed body guard. The responsibility of Vikas Dubey’s security was on Amar Dubey.


Rs 25, 000 reward sum was announced for anyone tracking Amar Dubey. In response to a timely tip-off, UP special task force team traced him out and fired him down. He was traced in a small village in the district of Harimpur. Vikas Dubey, the gangster is a notorious goon who is charged of all sorts of criminal activities like murder, extortion, kidnapping, rioting etc.


Last week, a team of policemen had gone to the Bikru village in Kanpur’s Chaubepur area to arrest the gangster Vikas Dubey who was charged with attempted murder. Chaubepur police, as per sources, had tipped off Vikas Dubey informing him of the raid well in advance and was waiting for the police to arrive with a gang of armed fellow criminals.


As soon as the police reached the village, a surprise attack from the gangster and his comrades took place killing 8 policemen. Previously, Atul Dubey and Prem Prakash Pandey, another two aides of the gangster lost their lives in police encounter…Amar Dubey was the third one in this context. The gang leader Vikas Dubey is said to have escaped post the ambush. Rs 2.5 lakh has been announced as reward for anyone who informs of Vikas Dubey’s whereabouts.


Police has also arrested many others associated with Vikas Dubey. Among them, are Sharma; a close relative of Vikas Dubey, Suresh Verma; a neighbor of Vikas Dubey, Rekha; Vikas Dubey’s domestic help and Dayashankar Agnihotri; Rekha’s husband plus a prominent member of Vikas Dubey’s gang.


Investigations are being carried out on the 68 policemen of Chaubeypur Police Station who are believed to have some sort of connection with the gangster.



Source: NDTV

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