Mike Pompeo compliments India on its response to the aggressive actions of China

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Mike Pompeo compliments India on its response to the aggressive actions of China

This kind of bullying should not be allowed, he says

Thursday, 9th July 2020

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, complimented Indians for having responded well to China’s “incredibly aggressive actions”, on Monday and asserted that this kind of bullying should not be allowed.


“I''ve spoken with Foreign (External Affairs) Minister (S) Jaishankar a number of times about this (Chinese aggressive actions). The Chinese took incredibly aggressive actions. The Indians have done their best to respond to that” Pompeo reported while answering questions on Chinese encroachment into eastern Ladakh’s territories in India.


“I put this in the context of (Chinese) General Secretary Xi Jinping and his behavior throughout the region and, indeed, throughout the world”, he said.


“I don't think it's possible to look at that particular instance of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aggression in isolation. I think you need to put it in the larger context”, he added.


A boundary dispute was filed by the CCP with Butan at the Global Environmental Facility meeting.

“From the mountain ranges of the Himalayas to the waters of Vietnam''s exclusive zone to the islands and beyond Beijing has a pattern of instigating territorial disputes”, said Pompeo.


He added, “The world should not allow this bullying to take place. Nor should it permit it to continue”.


China’s neighbours can’t really define where their sovereignty ends and the CCP has been interfering in both boundary and maritime disputes, he said.


“That's certainly true now for the people of Bhutan as well”, he stated.

“This is what the world must come together to respond to, this increasing revisionist effort that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in. It's something that President (Donald) Trump has taken incredibly seriously”.



Source: India Today 


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