Congress blames the Centre for indifference towards the deportation issue

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Congress blames the Centre for indifference towards the deportation issue

Thousands of students from India are unsure about their future

Thursday, 9th July 2020

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement declared a day back that all international students who are taking only online classes completely will have to face deportation now due to the COVID-19 Crisis. This has put the future of thousands of students from India at stake. Congress, the opposition party is accusing the government for not caring for these students whose future is now uncertain.


Congress said that the arbitrary decision on the part of US is like an insult hurled upon India but the government, they feel, is clueless of and indifferent to the matter.


In this context, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, a Congress party spokesman said: “Has the government used any diplomatic, economic, educational or any power to immediately get this reversed apart from ‘jumle baazi’. This is on the face of it a perverse decision. We don’t need to speak on it from a position of weakness. India needs to shout loud and clear and we need to force the US to roll back such a ridiculous, midstream decision but the government seems clueless…we have heard of this for the last two-three days but we have heard nothing from the Government,”


Furthermore, Singhvi added that the cancellation of the H-1B ‘Left, Right and Centre’ by the US is likely to leave its negative impact on a large section of Indians.


The US, Singhvi said, issues about 85,000 H-1B visas per year and 70% of the issued H-1B visas go to the Indians annually. The current US strategy, he said, is likely to affect about 85,000 Indian workers to whom this visa was issued this year among the 2,25,000 applicants.



Source: Indian Express

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