Maoist Couple surrender to Dantewada SP, Abhishek Pallava

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Maoist Couple surrender to Dantewada SP, Abhishek Pallava

Prakash Kartami and his wife, Hadme Kartami attempt to return to the mainstream

Thursday, 9th July 2020

In Dantewada of Chhattisgarh a Maoist couple; namely Prakash Kartami (Pandu) and his wife, Hadme Kartami surrendered themselves spontaneously before Dantewada SP, Abhishek Pallava this Wednesday.


Prakash Kartami had been a member of platoon 24 of the Maoist military group and a part of multiple devastating attacks on the police including the April 2015 Cholnar blast (Dantewada) in which 8 jawans were badly injured and 5 were killed. He had also played a role in the incident of Dantewada NMDC Mines ambush in the year 2012. In that ambush 6 policemen and also a driver who was but a civilian were reported to have been killed. A reward sum of Rs 2 lakhs was on Prakash’s head.


His wife, Hadme Kartami belongs to the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. She had been Chetna Natya Mandli’s member and was connected to the Maoist group’s outlawed outfit. Since the year 2012, she is known to have been associated with the outfit. Hadme Kartami was assigned with the task of propagating Maoist ideologies, carrying out secret probes on police forces, damaging rods and holding congregation of villagers.


According to official report the couple made up their mind to surrender after realizing the hollowness of the Maoist ideology and after being thoroughly impressed by a Police force driven rehabilitation campaign in that area known by the name of ''Lon Varratu''


Upon surrender the couple received Rs 20, 000 in total with a sum of Rs 10, 000 going to each. They are likely to get many other facilities in accordance with the Surrender and Rehabilitation Policy of the government.


Pallava further said that 28 Naxalities have surrendered so far under the noble initiative of the police to bring back these extremist groups to the mainstream.



Source: Hindustan Times

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