Joint venture for Covid 19 trials by Ayurvedic Practitioners in India and the USA

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Joint venture for Covid 19 trials by Ayurvedic Practitioners in India and the USA

US-based institutions and Indian vaccine companies

Friday, 10th July 2020

The ambassador said that three collaborations are right now going on between US-based institutions and Indian vaccine companies.


Ayurvedic researchers and experts in India and the US are devising for joint clinical trials to develop Ayurveda formulations against Covid-19, Indian envoy in Washington stated.


“Our institutions have also been collaborating to promote Ayurveda through joint research, teaching and training programs. Ayurvedic practitioners and researchers in both the countries are planning to initiate joint clinical trials of Ayurvedic formulations against COVID-19”, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, Indian Ambassador to the US said in a virtual meeting with a team of prominent academicians, Indian-American scientists and doctors on Wednesday.


“Our scientists have been exchanging knowledge and research resources on this front”, he stated.


The Indo-US Science Technology Forum has been playing a key role in encouraging merit in the fields of technology, science and innovation by collaborating.


Experts from both the sides are analyzing a great number of proposals to overcome Covid-19-related issues, Mr Sandhu said.


“Indian pharmaceutical companies are global leaders in producing affordable low-cost medicines and vaccines and will play an important role in the fight against this pandemic”.


The three on-going collaborations would be effective for the billions of people who are to be vaccinated against coronavirus disease globally.


“Telemedicine and telehealth will evolve as will other digital platforms across sectors”, he asserted.


The scientists involved in the collaboration are working together in many programmes to analyze grave diseases at basic as well as clinical level. They targeted developing therapeutics and diagnostics by conducting translational research.


200 projects in India are ongoing which are NIH funded, and 20 institutions are involved from NIH network and other well-known institutions in India which are related to health-care solutions, said the senior diplomat.


Vaccine Action Program (VAP) collaboration gave us ROTAVAC vaccine against rota virus which was developed by Bharat Biotech at reasonable cost.


“As I speak, the VAP meeting is in progress where experts from both countries are deeply engaged in technical discussions to expedite development of COVID-19 vaccine”, he said.



Source: NDTV

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