Nation will take the lead in COVID 19 Vaccine development, hopes PM Modi

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Nation will take the lead in COVID 19 Vaccine development, hopes PM Modi

Modi ji is optimistic about the role of our country in vaccine production

Friday, 10th July 2020

PM Modi confidently hopes that India will definitely play a significant role in the revival of the world by developing as well as increasing the production of Coronavirus vaccine. In the inaugural speech delivered at the India Global Week 2020 summit, Modi ji stated: “Today also, our companies are active in the international efforts for development and production of Covid-19 vaccine.”


During the speech, he also talked about the efforts as well as critical contribution made by the pharmaceutical sector of the country with regard to the development of the vaccine. The statement of Modi ji has at its backdrop; the intense global race for developing a preventative vaccine against the dangerous virus. All countries of the world are trying to compete with each other in this race against time in order to develop a coronavirus vaccine and undertake clinical trials for a worthy vaccine candidate.


Modi ji further said that the COVID-19 pandemic has made the country realize the importance of the Indian pharmaceutical industry and how great an asset it is. He added that the country’s pharmaceutical industry has played a quite vital role in lowering medicine costs especially for the developing countries. India-made vaccines, PM Modi said, meet nearly 2/3rd of the global requirement of vaccination for children. He also said that while the country is battling against the global crisis of COVID-19, the Indian government is paying equal attention to the improvement of the country’s economic health and it’s a good thing that fresh green shoots have already sprouted.


“When India talks of revival it is revival with care, revival with compassion, revival which is sustainable — both for the environment and the economy,” said PM Modi.


Stating that the people of the nation are spirited enough to achieve all that’s impossible, Modi ji said that the Indian government has taken an initiative to provide relief to the citizens of the country and has also undertaken major structural reforms.


“We are making the economy more productive, investment friendly and competitive,” PM Modi said while giving the details of the reforms made across the past six years.


Modi also said that the country happens to be one of the best open economies in the whole of the world and he further requested investors to choose India for setting up their units while at the same time focusing specially on the reforms undertaken in the country’s farm sector.


PM Modi also elucidated the importance of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ campaign and promised to implement policies that pave the way for resilience, equity and efficiency.



Source: Times of India 

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