Both sides disengage troops along LAC post an agreement

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Both sides disengage troops along LAC post an agreement

Troops withdrawn after prolonged talks

Friday, 10th July 2020

On this Thursday China said that Chinese as well as Indian troops have undertaken "effective measures" for disengaging troops at Ladakh’s Galwan Valley and also adjoining areas situated along the LAC in the eastern part of Ladakh and the current situation is now "stable and ameliorating," on the whole many days post an agreement between both the sides with regard to a quick withdrawal of troops from each and every standoff points.


Remarks from Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the foreign ministry of China came one day after Indians in the Capital city of New Delhi, well acquainted with the relevant developments talked about the removal of all the temporary structures and withdrawal of troops from eastern Ladakh’s face-off site by the Chinese military forces.


Zhao briefed to the media telling that "following the consensus reached at the commander-level talks, the Chinese and India border troops have been taking effective measures to disengage at the Galwan Valley and other areas in the western sector."


"The overall situation at the China-India boundary is stable and ameliorating," Zhao added.


When asked about future talks between India and China, Zhao said that both the countries will continue with talks via diplomatic and military channels and that this time the talks would include another round of commander-level discussions as well as a Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination meeting on the Indo-China Border Affairs.


"We hope India will work with China towards the same goal to implement consensus reached between the two sides with concrete actions and jointly de-escalate tensions in the border region," he further said.


In the Indian capital city of New Delhi China's claim regarding Eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley was once again turned down.


On this Thursday Anurag Srivastava, spokesperson of External affairs ministry (India) said that the country is convinced of the requirement for the maintenance of tranquility and peace at the border and for the resolution of disagreements through talks but also asserted the fact that India is still very committed to the purpose of ensuring its territorial integrity and sovereignty. At a media briefing online, he said respect towards the LAC must be observed strictly as that alone makes the foundation for the peace at the border.


The process of disengagement of the military troops on either side of the LAC started on the morning of Monday post an on-phone conversation between Ajit Doval (National Security Advisor) and Wang Yi (Chinese Foreign Minister) this Sunday. The conversation is said to have continued for about two hours.


At the dialogues, the two countries agreed on the speedy troop withdrawal from every standoff point to restore peace in that area. Doval as well as Wang are SRs or Special Representatives for the border-related talks.


In New Delhi, Indian government sources said that the Chinese forces have already pulled out their tents and have also withdrawn their personnel from the patrolling point No. 14 in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley, the June 15 scuffle site.



Source: Times of India

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