The newly introduced Mask Parotta by a Madurai eatery has generated many ripples online!

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The newly introduced Mask Parotta by a Madurai eatery has generated many ripples online!

Quirky face mask shaped parottas introduced to spread awareness

Monday, 13th July 2020

As the country struggles with the Coronavirus crisis, an eatery in Madurai, located near the Maattuthavani bus stop, has devised a rather ingenious way for increasing awareness regarding the COVID-19 preventative safety protocols.


The Indian government has made it a mandatory rule to wear face masks in all public places to prevent getting infected with Coronavirus. Yet there are people who either skip wearing mask or wear mask the wrong way. The Madurai eatery has included in their menu, a rather quirk type of parotta; the mask parotta.


This new and interesting introduction has set the internet ablaze. These parottas resemble the real face mask in shape and look…the dough is rolled out and folded in such a way that it gets the look of a face mask.  These Mask parottas are fried until they turn crisp and golden brown.


Each parotta costs Rs 50/-. The owners of the eatery opine that such parottas could spread awareness among people regarding the implementation of proper safety rules and could even encourage the public to wear mask the proper way. Due to noble message attached to the making of these parottas they became viral on the social media soon after their introduction. The eatery, as reported, also has other interesting delicacies like ‘corona bonda’ and ‘corona rava dosa’ in their menu card.


Reactions from every corner of the country and globe are pouring in profusely in response to the introduction of this crispy, unique treat. From Tweets to Memes, people are using almost everything to present their reactions. In general, the public is thoroughly amused by creative ways of the Madurai restaurant. Would you also like to taste some ‘Mask parottas’?



Source: NDTV

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