A spat between man wife makes the traffic freeze on road

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A spat between man wife makes the traffic freeze on road

Traffic stops due to a couple-fight

Monday, 13th July 2020

A lover’s quarrel has made the traffic on Peddar Road come to a standstill. Did you ever think that a spat between you and your partner could make the traffic on a busy road freeze? But, it really happened in Mumbai’s Peddar Road this Saturday evening. An e-challan was issued in the name of the lady under the charges of “abandoning her vehicle in a public place”. Even the traffic police tried to intervene in order to solve the quarrel.


Around 5.00 pm in the evening a man was traveling in a black colored vehicle with a lady. Their vehicle was being followed by a white vehicle that soon overtook and stopped the black vehicle. The man’s wife was actually following him. A witness of the incident said: “She created a ruckus...climbed onto the bonnet, hit the windshield with her footwear,” said a witness. Due to this incident there was obstruction in one lane.


When the man came out of his vehicle, the wife kicked him. Both boarded her car. Next, she got into the man’s car and had a fight with the lady seated inside; his co-passenger. A video of the scene went viral. Whatsapp went ablaze with this viral video.


The duo of the husband-wife was not interested in filing a complaint and so, just a station diary was made as reported by an officer from the police department.



Source: Times of India

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