Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked to leave her government owned bungalow by August 1

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra asked to leave her government owned bungalow by August 1

Priyanka to vacate her 35 Lodhi Estate accommodation soon

Tuesday, 14th July 2020

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra; the Congress leader said on Tuesday that she will be emptying her government-owned bungalow in 35 Lodhi Estate by the 1st of August. While making this declaration she also said that it was, but ‘fake news’ that she had requested for an extension in the time until which she could stay in that accommodation.


A governmental eviction notice was issued to her on the 1st of July from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, ordering her to vacate her accommodation within August 1st as she isn’t covered by the SPG Security norms anymore.


“Consequent to withdrawal of SPG protection and grant of Z+ security cover by MHA, which does not provide for allotment or retention of government accommodation on security grounds to you, the allotment of type 6B house No. 35 Lodhi Estate is hereby cancelled wef July 1. One month concession period on same rent till August 1 is allowed as per rules,” read the notice.


But amid all this, she tried to vent her anger on the news which she calls ‘Fake News’ in a Tweet. She said that she had never requested for an extension in her stay tenure and has never been granted any such extension.


“This is FAKE NEWS. I have not made any such request to the government. As per the eviction letter handed to me on the 1st of July, I will be vacating the government accommodation at 35 Lodhi Estate by the 1st of August,” tweeted Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.



Source: indian Express

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