India: Centre has approved for building tunnel under Brahmaputra

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India: Centre has approved for building tunnel under Brahmaputra

Connects Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Tuesday, 14th July 2020

The tunnel proposed is going to play a key role in connecting Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. The tunnel is to be built under the Brahmaputra River for which the centre has given approval. The four-lane tunnel will connect Gohpur and Numaligarh towns in Assam.


Hindustan reported that this will be the first ever time our country is going to build an under-river tunnel that will be situated near the Chinese border. This tunnel will be longer than the one constructed by China below the Taihu Lake, it added.


The tunnel is crucial in transporting ammunition as well as military supplies as the vehicles will be able to run at 80 kmph, Hindustan said.


The National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHAIDCL) has involved America’s Louis Berger Company, reported Hindustan.


The construction is to begin in December, a senior officer of NHAIDCL stated. The 14.85 km long tunnel will be constructed in three phases, Hindustan added. Safety measures have been taken to ensure that the water doesn’t enter the tunnel.


The tunnel will be equipped with crash barriers and provided with fire-fighting mechanism, ventilation system, emergency exit, drainage system, footpath and so on.


Bridges are easy targets for the enemy and hence the Army had requested the government to construct a tunnel under the river similar to the English Channel.



Source: Hindistan Times 

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