NOIDA is carrying out mass COVID testing

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NOIDA is carrying out mass COVID testing

NOIDA administration has taken a good step forward in the matter of covid detection

Tuesday, 14th July 2020

The administration of NOIDA has up-scaled and upgraded its COVID-19 detection drive by launching mass testing in the various housing societies.  


As part of a COVID-19 testing drive executed between the 2nd of July 2 and the12th of July, the NOIDA administration is making all the efforts to erect camps in the various residential communities and complexes to offer people with free of cost rapid COVID-19 antigen testing in close coordination with the RWAs.


On this Sunday alone, the administration undertook a special COVID-19 testing drive in which as many as 4,177 diagnostic tests were done. Out of 4177 tests, 3707 were COVID-19 antigen tests.


Until Tuesday evening, there were 3495 COVID-19 cases in Gautam Buddha Nagar of NOIDA. The death toll, as reported, stood at 33 and the number of recoveries was 2590. As per reports from the district, there were 90 fresh cases in the district but no new deaths.


In this context, a senior level government officer said: “We are getting a positive response from the people and are looking to set up more camps across the district. In the housing societies, an average of more than 2,500 tests are carried out everyday. The administration and the medical health team co ordinate with the housing society officials to set up the camp. We have been approached by several such societies and will be deploying teams to get the camp up and running,”


According to the NOIDA administration, nearly 300 COVID-19 antigen kits have been provided to a particular testing center. The medical officers can get in touch with the officer-in-charge in case more kits are needed on the basis of increasing demand.


On Monday, COVID tests were undertaken in 5 different camps alongside the support of a mobile testing centre. Besides the testing camps, tests are also being done at a community healthcare clinic, four different primary healthcare Centres and also at a mobile COVID-19 testing centre (SOS) as reported officially.


A resident of NOIDA will have to carry with him/her an ID Proof and will have to provide accurate contact information after reaching a testing centre. A team will be there at the Centre and will consist of 6 persons in total. Out of the 6, there’ll be 4 medical experts. There would be a desk for data entry purpose at the centre. Doctors will be carrying out the COVID-19 Tests.


In case, someone tests positive, his or her contact details will be noted down by the medical experts’ team and that patient will be sent for institutional quarantine within a maximum of 5 to 6 hours post detection. He or she will be transported by means of a special covid van.



Source: Indian Express

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