Babil, elder son of Irrfan Khan shares a poem and a thoughtful post in memory of his late dad

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Babil, elder son of Irrfan Khan shares a poem and a thoughtful post in memory of his late dad

Babil promises to stand by his family after Irrfan

Thursday, 16th July 2020

Babil, son of Irrfan Khan recently shared a self-composed poem in the memory of his late father where he highlights the sense of immense sorrow and loss after the passing away of his dad and how he is now ready to stand by his family through thick and thin. He shared this poem on Instagram along with a couple of photos depicting his parents and his sibling Ayan. While the black and white snap, the first among the posted photos, is that of Irrfan Khan on the set of a film, whispering into the ears of his wife, Sutapa, the other two snaps are that of Ayan, Irrfan’s younger son and Babil; Irrfan’s elder son.


Sharing the post, Babil wrote the following lines: “5 years too much, And now you’re a stranger 5 years in love, Pickin straws out the haystack Flicking through the picket pages Of the books I never read through. And that’s just one half of it The other half is you, Gleaming through the wicked winter moon, I wish I could fit in your shoes. You have gone so far away. And I’m always just a little too late. Plucking the strings of my sitar to soothe, These Monday morning blues And I carried on like the wayward son, In the wayward sun, but I found myself roaming the wastelands. I was high, when I witnessed my mother cry. I might never win. For,never will forget me, the unforgivable sin. Blood on her lips, crippled my heart. Pierced my soul like an adamant dart. Ma, my ma, tell me you love me too. Ma, my ma, I would give it all for you. (Yo bro, u know I love you more than life itself. ) @sikdarsutapa.”


The post attracted over 3000 ‘likes’ within just a couple of hours and Babil had to but disable the post’s comments section. Irrfan Khan breathed his last on the 29th of April after fighting a battle against neuroendocrine tumour since last two years.


Babil keeps sharing photos of late dad, Irrfan Khan quite often and very recently, he had shared a write-up in the midst of the debate on nepotism that had gained much heat of late in the Indian film industry. In the write-up he had informed us of how Irrfan Khan “was defeated at the box office almost all of his life due to hunks with six pack abs” despite making all the necessary efforts “to elevate the art of acting in the adverse conditions”. He wrote, “You know one of the most important things my father taught me as a student of cinema? Before I went to film school, he warned me that I’ll have to prove my self as Bollywood is seldom respected in world cinema.”


Babil further added, “Because we, as the Indian audience, refused to evolve. My father gave his life trying to elevate the art of acting in the adverse conditions of noughties Bollywood and alas, for almost all of his journey, was defeated in the box office by hunks with six pack abs delivering theatrical one-liners and defying the laws of physics and reality, photoshopped item songs, just blatant sexism and same-old conventional representations of patriarchy (and you must understand, to be defeated at the box office means that majority of the investment in Bollywood would be going to the winners, engulfing us in a vicious circle).”



Source: Hindustan Times 

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