Neglect of the officer in Kanpur Kidnapping Case Leads to Suspension

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Neglect of the officer in Kanpur Kidnapping Case Leads to Suspension

Station House Officer suspended in UP due to negligence of duty

Friday, 17th July 2020

UP police on Thursday has suspended a Station House Officer with allegations of negligence associated with a case of kidnapping.


27-year old lab technician Sanjit Singh Yadav was kidnapped on June 22. His family is contending that they already paid the ransom amount of Rs. 30 lakh on Monday in the presence of police, who asked them to pay the amount to the kidnappers and assured they would be apprehended. However, they said, the captors fled and did not release Yadav despite receiving the amount.


The bag containing the money was placed on a railway track by Yadav’s father Chaman Singh Yadav, as per instructions from the kidnappers. Chaman Singh Yadav owns a paan shop.


Yadav’s sister Ruchi made a statement that there was no money, but only clothes in the bag. However, she later said naming an official from the crime branch who visited their house, that he was compelling them to say that the bag was in fact empty and no amount was paid.


Superintendent of Police, South, Aprana Gupta said in this regard that there was no truth in the family’s statement about payment of the ransom amount as they were unable to adequately account for the source of that sum, when questioned. However, the SP said, their approach towards the family is sympathetic because of the trauma they are undergoing.


Kanpur SSP Dinesh Kumar P said that he is in contact with Yadav’s family and has assured the media that whoever is the wrongdoer will be brought to books. He has also reassured the aggrieved family members about the safe return of the victim.


The SSP added that if any ransom amount was paid to the kidnappers, the same will be recovered.

The Barra Police Station of Kanpur has registered an FIR in the case.


Police spokesperson said that Ranjit Rai, the SHO of Barra Police Station has been asked to step down from the case and report to Reserve Police Lines with immediate effect while the kidnapping case has been handed over to Inspector Harmeet Singh.



Source: Indian Express

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