Top 7 Covid 19 vaccine manufacturing firms in India

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Top 7 Covid 19 vaccine manufacturing firms in India

How much have the Indian pharma companies achieved so far in COVID vaccine development

Monday, 20th July 2020

The Coranavirus infection happens to be one of the major health concerns worldwide. It has already wreaked much havoc, infecting more than 14 million people and causing over 6 lakh deaths so far. According to stats India is now the third most badly hit country in the world in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. Like many other countries of the world India too is trying to come up with a fitting vaccine for this viral infection that started last year in China’s Wuhan City and rapidly spread all across the world causing a global pandemic.


India is one of the biggest manufacturers of generic vaccines and medicines. Several Indian pharmaceutical companies are involved in developing vaccines for several diseases such as measles, meningitis, polio, rotavirus etc.


The Indian pharmaceutical companies engaged in developing a COVID-19 vaccine are listed below:

AstraZeneca; Serum Institute of India: The vaccine by AstraZeneca is in its Phase III trial stage at the clinical level. Human trials are likely to start in India in the month of August and the company hopes that their vaccine would be available to people by the end of the year.


Covaxin; Bharat Biotech: The development of their vaccine started in Hyderabad and they have already received consent for conducting Phase I & II trials clinically. The company has begun its vaccine candidate’s human trials only last week.


ZyCoV-D; Zydus Cadila: The company had begun its clinical trials with the first dosing for humans last week and hopes that the all the clinical trials for ZyCoV-D would be completed in a time span of 7 months.


Unnamed Vaccine candidate; Panacea Biotec: Their vaccine candidate is still unnamed. The company has joined hands with the US-based Company Refana to start a joint venture company in Ireland for this purpose. They are likely to develop more than 500 million COVID-19 vaccine doses. It is hoped that more than 40 million vaccine doses will be ready for delivery by early 2021.


Biological E: Their vaccine candidate is still in its pre-clinical trial stage.


Mynvax: Their vaccine candidate too is in its pre-clinical stage. The company thinks that it would take them 18 months to come up with a vaccine. They have petitioned BIRAC for a grant of Rs 15 Crores for the same.


Indian Immunologicals vaccine: This Company, a National Dairy Development Board subsidiary, has entered into an agreement with Griffith University of Australia for the purpose of developing a coronavirus vaccine.



Source: Hindustan Times 

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