Warning comes from the government regarding the use of N 95 Masks

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Warning comes from the government regarding the use of N 95 Masks

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Tuesday, 21st July 2020

The Indian government has issued a written warning to all Indian states as well as Union territories telling them that the N-95 Masks that come equipped with special valve respirators do not much prevent the spread of the coronavirus and can even stand in the way of the various measures undertaken for the virus’s containment. A letter from Rajiv Garg, the Director General of Health Services (Ministry of Health) to the states’ Principal Secretaries of health and medical education said that an “inappropriate use” of the N-95 masks has been spotted among the general public other than the designated healthcare staffs. In this context, the DGHS drew reference of the advisory with regard to the usage of homemade face covers and mouth covers available on the Ministry of Health’s website.


“It is to bring to your knowledge that the use of valved respirator N-95 masks is detrimental to the measures adopted for preventing the spread of coronavirus as it does not prevent the virus from escaping out of the mask. In view of the above, I request you to instruct all concerned to follow the use of face/mouth cover and prevent inappropriate use of N-95 masks,” DGHS said in his letter.


In the month of April, the Indian government had issued a specific advisory on the homemade protective face cover and mouth cover usage, advising people to use it, especially when they go out. The advisory emphasized on the regular washing and cleaning of such face and mouth covers and further said that these face covers may be made out of even used cotton cloths available in every household. One can use fabric of just any color to make such covers but one must make sure that the fabric used is clean enough. Boiling the fabric for about 5 minutes in water with a pinch of salt and then thoroughly drying it was recommended. The procedures for the making of such covers at home was listed out too while at the same time advising people to make sure that the mask fits their face well enough and come without gaps. It also advised that prior to wearing the mask people should wash their hands thoroughly and should replace a damp face cover with a fresh one and should never reuse a face cover without washing it.“Never share the face cover with anyone. Every member in a family should have separate face cover,” stated the advisory.


Coronavirus case tally in India has gone beyond the 11-lakh mark this Monday, while the number of recovered patients has also increased to more than 7 lakhs as per the data from the Union Health Ministry. The coronavirus death toll increased to 27,497 with nearly 681 fatalities in a single day.



Source: Indian Express

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