Charter flight arranged by Sonu Sood will bring back Indian students from Kyrgyzstan

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Charter flight arranged by Sonu Sood will bring back Indian students from Kyrgyzstan

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Wednesday, 22nd July 2020

Sonu Sood is all set to bring back Indian students from Kyrgyzstan by arranging a charter flight. The flight reaches Varanasi from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. All the information regarding the flight will be sent to the students via email. There will be flights arranged for other states this week, said Sonu Sood.


He tweeted, “This is to inform to all the students of Kyrgyzstan that it’s time to come home. We are operating the first charter Bishkek -Varanasi on 22nd July. The details of which will be sent to your email id and mobile phones in a while. Charters for other states will also fly this week (sic)”.


Someone wrote on Twitter: “There is a ray of hope among 4000 students struck in Krygzstan, in form of @SonuSood who’s helping them to come back to their country. Everyone is so happy that Sonu sir will bring them back. All night he was on the phone speaking to the students on how 2 get them back to India (sic).”

“Homecoming time...let’s bring you all back. Just pray and it will happen soon, God willingly. My next mission (sic)”, Sood replied.


Sood had donated 25,000 face shields for Maharashtra Police. Home Minister Anil Deshmukh expressed his gratitude by sharing a picture of him with the actor on Twitter.



Source: India Today 

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