New guidelines for international flight passengers issued by Delhi Airport

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New guidelines for international flight passengers issued by Delhi Airport

New rules to step up precautions

Thursday, 23rd July 2020

The new bunch of guidelines issued by the Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport for passengers coming home from abroad through international flights is an initiative to step up precautionary measures. Delhi airport is one of the busiest airports of the country and each day a huge bulk of international flyers are arriving home from abroad.


As per the new rule, the international flyers will have to be in both institutional and home quarantine for 7 days each. When they go for institutional quarantine they’ll have to bear their own costs.


The revised guidelines issued by the Airport may be listed below:

  • The passenger or any of his/her family members will have to sign an official mandate from the government saying that he or she has accepted the obligation of both institutional and home quarantine. The office of the Overseas Embassy/Mission will retain a copy of this signed mandate. This procedure needs to be completed prior to the confirmation of the booking.
  • Health screening is mandatory for passengers who are planning to reside in Delhi-NCR. That will include the APHO screening at the Airport.
  • The second screening of the International flyers will take place at a screen centre or post run by Delhi government. After this second screening they will be shifted to the institutional quarantine centre.
  • Those who wish to be exempted from quarantine will have to fill in an exemption form and discuss the matter in details upon arrival with the designated government officials within the terminal. Furthermore, if a passenger, who gets exempted for Delhi quarantine, has his or her ultimate destination in some other state, he or she must arrange for quarantine in that particular state after discussing the matter with the officials.
  • Passengers may be exempted from quarantine on the following grounds:
  • Pregnancy
  • Demise of a family member
  • Serious sickness
  • Having kids below the age of 10
  • But such passengers email an undertaking form attaching all relevant documents to the given email address:
  • Meanwhile, the Domestic passengers must go through thermal screening at the airport exit gates and this rule is mandatory for all domestic passengers. Those who are asymptomatic even after COVID-19 infection will be permitted to go home but will have to stay indoors in home quarantine for a week.
  • The transit flight passengers must go through temperature checks at both the entry gates as well as exit gates prior to boarding the next flight.
  • Also, passengers coming back to country through Vande Bharat mission international flights may board a connecting domestic airplane only if that’s allowed under the program of the Vande Bharat Mission
  • Passengers who wish to board a domestic flight for their onward journey must get an authorized certificate of exemption, in case they are traveling through the international flights that aren’t a part of the Vande Bharat Mission.


Source: Times of India

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