Make your fond chocolate cheesecake at home in this lockdown!

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Make your fond chocolate cheesecake at home in this lockdown!

No microwave needed to make this choco-cheesecake!

Monday, 27th July 2020

Do you have a sweet tooth? If, yes then you would definitely love the richness, creaminess and deliciousness of the fluffy, soft cheesecakes that are an absolute heaven!


The coronavirus-induced lockdown has perhaps kept you away for months from your favourite dessert. If chocolate cheesecake is one of your favourites, fret not. You need not order one from outside as you can now prepare it easily at home without the use of even an oven. Want to know how? Read below:


Ingredients you need:

  • A pack of chocolate biscuits

  • Melted butter (1/4th cup)
  • Milk chocolate (1 bar)
  • Cream cheese (2 cups)
  • Heavy cream (2.5 cup)
  • Powdered sugar (2/3rd cup)
  • Vanilla Essence (1 tsp)
  • Chopped Chocolate (250 grams)


Preparation method:

Step 1

Crush biscuits to a fine powder and mix thoroughly with melted butter.

Step 2

Spread the mix all across a springform pan, press down and refrigerate it for about an hour.

Step 3

Meanwhile, start working on the ‘filling’…In a mixing bowl; add the cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla essence. Beat thoroughly to get a silky smooth paste.

Step 4

Melt the chopped chocolate and add to the mixing bowl containing the smooth paste.

Step 5

In another bowl, add the heavy cream and whip it up. You’ll soon get a fluffy peak. With the help of a spatula fold the whipped cream into the mixing bowl.

Step 6

Next, remove the springform pan from refrigerator and pour in the mix on to the crusted chocolate biscuit base.

Step 7

Refrigerate it for 1 and ½ hours

Step 8

In a heavy bottomed pan, add heavy cream and chopped milk chocolate. Heat the mix to melt it. Pour this mix on the refrigerated paste of cream cheese and once again refrigerate it but now for 6 hours at least.

Step 9

Cut into slices, serve and relish!



Source: Indian Express

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