Raisins to keep your weight under control

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Raisins to keep your weight under control

Let quarantine or lockdown not make you overweight due to unhealthy snacking!

Tuesday, 28th July 2020

Coronavirus pandemic has literally made many people’s lives come to a standstill. Gyms and other fitness centres are all shut and might remain that way for a long period of time. People are working from home, sitting at a fixed place on one hand and on the other, the craving for junk and calorie-rich foods has shot up! If you cannot stop drooling over junk food, just eat around 5 raisins.


We’ll tell you why. Raisins can inhibit your cravings and can save you from becoming obese or sick because of unhealthy snacking. Chew on the raisins slowly for up to around 5 minutes. The process will then stop you from reaching out for unhealthy snacks.


Including raisins in your diet is very beneficial. They bring your breathing rate down and help you keep your appetite in check. They can decrease the speed of digestion which in turn makes you eat lesser. Craving for junk and binge-eating might sometimes indicate that you are stressed out! Raisins have the power to reduce your stress levels.


Raisins are highly nutritious that can keep your blood sugar level in check along with your weight. Soak some raisins in water for a while and let them swell. You can have them at any time of the day- after exercising, before breakfast or any other time. You can add some nuts like walnuts and almonds as they are highly rich in proteins. You can also add raisins to your curries and salads. This will enhance even the taste!



Source: Indian Express 

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