Indian Navy is vigilant on activities in IOR

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Indian Navy is vigilant on activities in IOR

China will try to enter, officer says

Wednesday, 29th July 2020

The Indian Navy is monitoring all the activities in Indian Ocean Region (IOR) as China might attempt to enter the area aiming to acquire global power, a top officer said.


India has requested its IOR neighbours- Mauritius, Madagascar, Maldives and Seychelles’, and Japan and the US navies’ aid to stop China from building more bases.


The officer said, “It is inevitable that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army-Navy (PLAN) will come to IOR if China wants to become a global power. They are opening multiple routes to the Indian Ocean to overcome the Malacca Dilemma (China’s strategic weakness)”.


China could enter Indian Ocean from various routes- Sunda, Wetar, Ombai and Lombok straits, further south of Malacca.

“It’s a reality that the PLAN will deploy in the Indian Ocean once its power crosses a certain threshold. Right now, it’s good enough for the South China Sea”, Admiral Arun Prakash (retd) said.


The second officer stated, “China is claiming almost 90% of the South China Sea. We don’t want that scenario unfolding in the Indian Ocean. We will not allow China to have it easy coming here”.


Rear Admiral Sudarshan Shrikhande (retd), naval affairs expert said, “Its (China’s) diplomacy and economic influence when combined with port investments, logistics bases, all of which could be for dual-use and their sustained deployments in the IOR, are of serious concern”.


Australia is going to be a part of upcoming Malabar naval exercise organized by India with Japan and the US, Hindustan Times reported on 17th of July.


The first officer reported, “We are already operating with these navies. We don’t need time to put the Quad into effect if the government gives us the go-ahead… It’s not that we are aligning with the US. Our actions are guided by national interest and what you see unfolding is issue-based convergence of interests”.


New York Times wrote in Monday’s editorial, “In recent months, with much of the world preoccupied with the Covid-19 pandemic, China has sharply escalated its coercive activities. In early April, a Chinese Coast Guard vessel sank a Vietnamese fishing boat close to islands claimed by both China and Vietnam. A Chinese marine survey vessel harassed a Malaysian oil exploration vessel off Borneo. This month, the [US] department of defense voiced concern about the Chinese navy’s decision to seal off an area around the Paracel Islands to conduct naval exercises. In response, the United States increased its own naval activities, including joint exercises by two aircraft carrier groups”.


Between the Persian Gulf and the Malacca Strait as well as the southeast coast of Africa and northern Bay of Bengal, Indian warships have been deployed. Indian Navy is continuously monitoring the activities in the Indian Ocean while looking after Ladakh crisis.



Source: Hindustan Times

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