Aftermath of the CRPF Raid in the Chiriyabera Village, Jharkhand

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Aftermath of the CRPF Raid in the Chiriyabera Village, Jharkhand

CRPF or Maoist: Who is behind this?

Thursday, 30th July 2020

The Chiriyabera village (Singhbhum District; Jharkhand) raid by the CRPF that took place last month paved the way for a train of charges as well as counter-allegations between the police forces, security forces, the outlawed Maoist group and even the residents of the region.


While the local people said the armed CRPF personnel generated much terror among the villagers, the local police submitted a FIR bringing charges against the “armed persons”, stating that the Maoists were the mastermind behind these unwanted activities. On the 12th of July, the wrathful Maoists gave vent to their anger by blowing up as many as 12 buildings located in the area that falls under the Forest Department of Jharkhand. They had also set fire to many vehicles during that time.


A team from the Janadhikar Mahasabha consisting of several representatives of the activist groups & NGOs went to the village about four times on four different occasions since the June 15 CRPF raid. They visited the village to gather relevant facts and later reported to the officials of the West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, demanding an official investigation into the matter.


Elina Horro, one of the team members informed the TOI that nearly 50 armed men of the CRPF interrogated nearly 25 villagers during a usual raid activity in the forest area.


Furthermore, the team discovered facts about the June 17 Police FIR in which the names of some of the armed personnel were listed out.  In the local media reports, the act undertaken by those armed CRPFs has been labeled as Maoist activity.



Source: Times of India 

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