MLAs hauled Off to Jaisalmer as CM Claims Horse Trading Rates up

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MLAs hauled Off to Jaisalmer as CM Claims Horse Trading Rates up

Gehlot sends his MLAs to Jaisalmer

Tuesday, 4th August 2020

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot on the pretext of a surge in “horse-trading rates” after the date of the state assembly session was announced as August 14, has shifted his MLAs to Jaisalmer, 550 km from the state’s capital city of Jaipur.


From July 13, when a political crisis ensued after Sachin Pilot along with eighteen other Congress MLAs’ revolted against the government, the MLAs who support Gehlot had been putting up at a hotel outside Jaipur.


It is believed that upon reconvening of the Assembly next month, CM Gehlot will be on the lookout for a confidence vote. He also alleges that a lot of money has been offered to ministers to switch their loyalties just before the session is about to commence.


Stating the agenda of the House when it meets again, Gehlot said they are going to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and the state’s economy post lockdown.


About the money offered to his ministers, he said the price in “horse-trading” has shot up, as each of them were offered 10 crore as the first instalment and another 15 crore as the second instalment. He said he was uncertain about who had already accepted the first instalment among those who had left. However, he thinks there might be some who have not and whom he wants to return.


He added, the rebels should have reached out to AICC instead of just staying away. They are now at Manesar, Gurugram as per the CM and Rajasthan police’s Special Operations Group is on the lookout for them.


Gehlot was bent on proving his majority and thus was looking for an immediate session. However, he had to ultimately concur with a 21-day notice period as per the Governor’s conditions. Convinced about his majority, he said a 21 or a 31-day delay would not have any detrimental effect on it.


The chief minister is leading by a hair’s breadth with one over the 101 majority mark in the assembly comprising of a total of 200 members.



Source: NDTV

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