Rose flavored desserts for this Bakrid

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Rose flavored desserts for this Bakrid

Celebrate Bakrid 2020 with rosy sweets!

Tuesday, 4th August 2020

 Eid-al-Adha, popularly known as Bakrid will be celebrated on the 1st of August, 2020, in India. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the start of the auspicious Hajj pilgrimage by the Muslims.

 Food is an inseparable part of every Indian festival be it Bakrid or any other. Juicy, spicy mutton-based dishes are traditionally cooked in every Muslim home on the festival day. And of course, the desserts give the Eid fare the final edge…so, without the desserts no Eid is complete.

 Rose flavored desserts are a quintessential element during all Muslim festivities. The mildly sweet and luxuriously fragrant desserts definitely impart a touch of sweetness to the Bakrid festivities. Read below to learn about some of the best rose flavored sweet dishes that could make your Bakrid 2020 truly special:

Gulab Phirni
This classic Indian dessert made out of rice powder and milk gets an intoxicating rosy twist with the addition of the rose essence. 

Rose Almond Kheer
When the richness of creamy rice meets with the goodness of almonds and the sweetness of rose water and petals, the result is simply heavenly!

Gulab Chikki
Gulkand, peanuts and raisins are used to make these special rose-flavored, crunchy chikkis that can steal all hearts this Bakrid!

Rose Halwa
This rosy hued halwa is made out of gulkand and beetroot cooked in thick sugar syrup. The halwa is topped with roasted nuts and is indeed a delicious, sumptuous dish.

Gulab laddu
Shredded coconut when mixed with chopped nuts, gulkand, rose water and rose jam give you a perfect festive treat- the gulab laddus!


Source: NDTV

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