Rare two headed Russell Viper makes its appearance in Maharashtra

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Rare two headed Russell Viper makes its appearance in Maharashtra

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Monday, 10th August 2020

Have you ever seen a two-headed Russell's Viper? Yeah, they exist! This creepy-looking snake was rescued in Maharashtra and Indian Forest Services’ Susanta Nanda shared a video of snake crawling on a leaf, on Twitter. This species is rare because of its “genetic abnormality”, Susanta Nanda wrote.


“Double danger. Two headed Russell's Viper rescued in Maharashtra. Genetic abnormality and hence low survival rates in the wild. The Russell's Viper is far more dangerous than most poisonous snakes because it harms you even if you survive the initial bite”, he wrote in his caption.


The post has gained almost 8,000 views and some Twitter uses have commented on the post.


“It's very dangerous. It is found in Bhubaneswar in large numbers. Its bite is very painful. The victim dies a slow death”, someone commented.


“The reason why it is more dangerous is because the venom is haemotoxic that flows through the blood”, another person wrote.



Source: India Today 



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