Couple in Odisha loses their son due to lengthy lunch break of the driver

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Couple in Odisha loses their son due to lengthy lunch break of the driver

Infant dies due to the delay

Tuesday, 11th August 2020

A couple from Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district; Niranjan Behera and Geeta Behera, complained that their baby boy who was just 1 year old and was in a critical state of health passed away as the driver of the ambulance which was supposed to shift the boy urgently from the Baripada PRM Medical College and Hospital to Cuttack’s SCB Medical College and Hospital took a lengthy lunch break.


The boy needed immediate medical attention as his condition had deteriorated soon after he was admitted to the Baripada PRM Medical College and Hospital. He was having diarrhea-like symptoms…the hospital referred him to Cuttack SCM Medical College and Hospital for advanced treatment. The kid along with his parents was traveling to the Cuttack hospital in the 108 ambulance. On the way, the ambulance driver and pharmacist on board decided to take a break for lunch at a dhaba. They committed to return soon but when already 1 hour had passed the child’s father walked to the eatery to enquire. They, however, fobbed the father off saying that they knew well about the child’s condition.


The enraged parents of the kid and also the mob present therein attacked the driver and the pharmacist. A complaint was filed against the driver and the pharmacist at the Krishanachandrapur police outpost. However, the charges brought against the driver and pharmacist were denied by the Ziqitza Healthcare Limited’s district coordinator Sayan Bose who runs a massive fleet of 108 equipped ambulance. “They had gone for lunch for just 20 minutes,” said Sayan Bose.


Last month too a similar incident occurred in Odisha’s Berhampur town where a man who was 46 years old passed due to the ambulance driver’s late arrival. A similar incident occurred in Berhampur again last month when a man aged 42 breathed his last in his home after the driver of an ambulance refused to convey him to hospital due to Corona fear.



Source: Hindustan Times 

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