Nepal not cooperating with UP and Bihar in flood management

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Nepal not cooperating with UP and Bihar in flood management

Nepal indifferent about flood problem

Wednesday, 12th August 2020

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh CMs informed PM Modi this Monday of Nepal’s ‘uncooperative attitude’ in tackling the flood conditions. During PM Narendra Modi’s video conference with the Chief Ministers of the 6 different states the flood situation was discussed while at the same time the Nepal problem too came to the fore in the midst of the backdrop showcasing the recent diplomatic tussle between the two countries. Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar informed of non-cooperation in this matter across a couple of years including the present year. In this context, he cited the example of the Kosi flood that devastated Bihar in the year 2008 and added that the government should pay heed to this particular issue.


“North Bihar is impacted by floods due to heavy rainfall in Nepal. The flood-prevention works are done in border areas as per the agreement between both countries. This year, Nepal did not give permission for repairs on dams in Madhepura district and in no-man’s land in Madhubani district,” Kumar stated the Prime Minister. He added that the Bihar officials tried to discuss the matter with the Nepal officials but were faced with non-cooperation and so the work that was to get done by mid-May could not be completed even until the end of the month of June.“We did works inside our territory,” said Kumar. Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath informed the PM that each year flood preventative works are undertaken on River Gandak on the side of Nepal out of the funds offered by Centre.


“But this year, due to the Covid-19 situation, Nepal did not give permission for these works to be done in Nepal’s territory and 11 new schemes worth Rs 53.64 crore could not be implemented before the floods,” Yogi Adinath reported to the PM. In the state of Uttarakhand and in Nepal, 20% more torrential rainfall occurred this year causing River Gandak to flow over the danger mark, Adinath added.


Kumar reported to the PM that in Bihar 16 districts as well as nearly 7.4 million people fell prey to the devastating floods which, he thinks, could continue till the month of September. The Chief Minister of UP reported that 20 districts and nearly 575,000 were flood-struck in the state. The Prime Minister emphasized to all the Chief Ministers who took part in the meeting to maintain proper coordination between all the central as well as state agencies and to have a technologically advanced and permanent flood forecast system that improves the quality of the warning systems and forecasts. The PM emphasized on the importance of early localized warning so that people can take timely precaution in case something dangerous is approaching…



Source: Economic Times 

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