State of the art Mobile Control Room Now at Kolkata Airport to Handle Emergencies

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State of the art Mobile Control Room Now at Kolkata Airport to Handle Emergencies

Mobile control room at Kolkata airport

Friday, 14th August 2020

The recent misfortune at Kozhikode airport has led the City of Joy to take action as Kolkata airport sets up a mobile command post for efficient and quick response to emergency situations.

Kolkata airport director Kaushik Bhattacharjee said the 45 lakh post has been put there for various representatives or heads of coordinating agencies to gather and “receive and disseminate information”, “make decisions pertinent to emergency operations”. 
Bhattacharjee said it is a “customized, fully-equipped robust mobile office outfitted with specialized equipment” that will serve as an “on-scene command, coordination and communication center” for exigencies that might arise at the airport.

As per AAI, it will be the responsibility of Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services to deploy the MCP at the earliest and at a distance of not less than 90m from the accident site. Also present will be the head of ARFS and the officer in charge of airside operations. If the situation so demands, the airport director may also be present. 

AAI also mentioned that the MCP has a special compartment where various facilities are stored that can be used on site, should the need arise, in both rescue operations as well as unlawful situations.

Throwing further light on the MCP’s intrinsic role, the airport director said it will get into gear every time there is a declared emergency landing or even if an emergency situation crops up after an aircraft has landed. 

While situations that involve anti-sabotage operations such as hijack, have an independent SOP, the MCP will be responsible for other major emergencies like a crash or a fire in an aircraft. At such times, it will serve as a central planning and coordination point of liaison officers from different cooperating agencies. 

The air-conditioned vehicle can seat eight people at a round conference table or make presentations on a digital board with projector installed within it. It is also fitted out with a generator that can power for 4 hours with a 2-hour backup facility. Also available is a night-vision binocular that can aid a rescue team. 



Source: Indian Express

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