Ex president Pranab asked his son to bring him some jackfruit prior to going on ventilator

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Ex president Pranab asked his son to bring him some jackfruit prior to going on ventilator

Father asks son to bring him some village jackfruit

Friday, 14th August 2020

Pranab Mukherjee former president of India requested his son Abhijit who is also   politician in the state of West Bengal to get him some Jackfruit… "Kaathal niye aaye (get me some jackfruit)," This occurred nearly a week before the ex president went on the life support system.


"I went to our village, Mirati (in West Bengal's Birbhum district), from Kolkata to get jackfruit for him. It was a ripe 25kg fruit. I took a train to Delhi on August 3 and met him... Baba and I both love train journeys," Abhijit, son of Pranab Mukherjee, told the TOI.


“He had some jackfruit that day. Thankfully, his sugar didn’t go up. He was so happy… He was not sick then,” added Abhijit. But, after just a week he fell seriously ill. The ex president had undergone a surgery for the draining of an unwanted blood clot in his brain and prior to that, he had tested coronavirus positive.


“Since he had served as defence minister, his medical records had been maintained by Army doctors. So he was taken to the Army’s Research and Referral Hospital in Delhi Cantonment. I have been able to see him four times, with PPE and protective measures in place. He was breathing naturally when I last saw him,” said Abhijit.


Mukherjee who is 84 years old, had entered into a state of coma on Thursday. “He would always ask about Dino, Tyson and Jacky,” Abhijit said, telling about the dogs Pranab’s granddaughter and his daughter, Suchismita had rescued.



Source: Times of India

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