How to style your face mask

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How to style your face mask

Face Masks: Protective gear & Styling accessory

Monday, 24th August 2020

Masks are a must when you step out of your house. The COVID-19 pandemic has made wearing masks a necessity. Face cover or masks can prevent the deadly virus from entering into the nostrils of people who wear it. But, now that wearing masks has been made mandatory worldwide, fashionistas are trying to spell their style with color coordinated masks. Masks, in other words, have become a part of the New Normal ensemble and are ruling the trends. Here are few ways through which you could style your face masks. Read below to learn more:


Quirky prints

Bold and abstract prints on your face mask can add to your unique style statement. Such face masks can add drama to your eyes and can turn all heads towards you. So, get quirky printed face masks for yourself and spell your style with élan!



Light pastel shades for your face mask can give you a cool yet sober look. If you wish to look elegant and stylish pastels can work best for you…you can wear pastel shaded masks for every occasion and can even look offbeat. Get your pastel masks today!


Perfect match

If you want to impart your persona with the edge of perfect coordination in terms of style, go for matching face masks. Such face masks will match the print and color of your attire. Create an aura of perfect balance with matching face masks.


Attractive shapes

If you are fond of unique shapes you can try the same for your face masks too. Step out in style with unique face masks that stand out from the rest in terms of their shape. You could try wearing oval, circular, triangular face mask or any other shape too!



Ornamentation on face masks? Doesn’t that sound unique? Well, if you wish to look the perfect ‘boho’, consider adding some tassels or bells to your face masks. You could also try using lacy face masks or embroidered ones. In a word, such ornamented face masks can let you flaunt your style in the most gorgeous way.



Source: Style Caster 

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