Jammu and Kashmir is likely to receive heavy rainfall soon, says IMD

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Jammu and Kashmir is likely to receive heavy rainfall soon, says IMD

Dry spell soon to end in the valley of Kashmir

Tuesday, 25th August 2020

As per the reports of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) the state of Jammu & Kashmir is very likely to get widespread rainfall within this Wednesday and also across the next couple of days post an extended phase of dry spell that the vale was experiencing since the month of May and that which had resulted in an increase in the daytime temperatures in the vale.


Moderate downpour as well as thunderstorms is likely to occur as reported from Jammu and also the Pir Panjal Himalayan Range region and further from the Bhaderwah to the Poonch region. “The rainfall will move forward towards east later in the day [Tuesday],” said an IMD official. He also added that the Kashmir Valley is likely to receive rains by the morning of Wednesday.


Sonam Lotus, well known Meteorologist explained that due to the long phase of dry spell, the daytime temperatures shot up rapidly on the 17th of August as the state capital Srinagar recorded 35.7 degree C as its maximum temperature, the highest recorded temperature in the last 39 years. “The highest ever maximum temperature recorded in Srinagar in August is 36.7 degree C in 1946,” said Lotus.


Jammu & Kashmir has noted about 245.1 mm of rains from the month of June to the month of August. This is near about 42% lesser when compared to what it was last year during this time.


Officials declared that the fresh showers might compensate for the scarce rainfall. “This time, it is going to be good and moderate rainfall between 26 and 27 August. ...the heavy rainfall could trigger landslides,” said an official.


The scanty rainfall has adversely affected the paddy and maize cultivation in the Valley of Kashmir. Also, it is quite likely to leave an impact on the horticulture segment too.


“If there will be good rainfall for a couple of days this time as predicted, it is going to be timely and will help fruits attain good size and colour,” said Jan Mohammad (an apple farmer from the region of Bandipore)



Source: Hindustan Times 

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