Woman kills herself and her son post the death of her husband due to Covid

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Woman kills herself and her son post the death of her husband due to Covid

Shock-triggered deaths in Howrah, WB

Tuesday, 25th August 2020

A woman aged 36 allegedly took the life of her son who was 19 years old and was disabled. Soon afterwards, she also killed herself. Her husband’s sudden demise due to COVID-19 had pushed her towards such an action. This incident took place on Monday in Howrah, in the state of West Bengal. Her husband who was 45 years resided at Rajapur, about 40 kilometres westward of Kolkata. He was having fever since last one week. This Saturday his condition declined as he started experiencing severe breathing difficulty. That day itself he was rushed urgently to the Uluberia sub-divisional hospital.


“He died a few hours later. As he was suffering from breathing trouble and had fever his samples were sent for Covid-19 tests. On Monday the reports came and he tested positive for Covid-19. The civic body performed the last rites and we were present at the spot,” said the father-in-law of the deceased.


The man’s wife and son were permitted to have a glimpse of the man’s body but only from a certain distance. Upon returning home, the wife of the man; i.e. the woman and the man’s son shut themselves up in the house. A couple of hours later when the woman’s father who too stays nearby sent food to the house of his daughter through a relative, no one in the house responded to the call.


“The neighbours were informed who broke the window and found that the woman had hanged herself. The son was lying on the floor. The police were soon informed. She had probably strangulated her son before killed herself. We are waiting for the autopsy report,” said Soumya Roy, Police Superintendent (Howrah rural).


While the man was working at some private company, his wife was non-earning as she was just a housewife.

“They could not take the shock and that is why the woman took her life after killing her son,” said Milan Halder, another resident.



Source: Hindustan Times 

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