Unfortunate Building Collapse at Mahad, Maharashtra: Facts and Figures

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Unfortunate Building Collapse at Mahad, Maharashtra: Facts and Figures

4 year old Mohamed Bangi survives miraculously

Wednesday, 26th August 2020

For nearly 19 hours at a stretch, he had been under the debris from a collapsed five-storey high rise, trapped in an air pocket underneath a pillar that had toppled down. Finally, about 1 pm on Tuesday, Mohamed Bangi, the 4 year old kid was dragged out of the collapse rubble that the Tarique Garden got converted to.


 The fact that the kid was still alive even after being trapped under a collapsed pillar ignited a ray of hope in the minds of the rescuers who had been digging out about 12 dead bodies since the collapse of the building on the fateful Monday evening. But within 30 minutes post the rescue of the boy who had only received minor injuries, a pall of gloom again descended over the collapse site as the dead body of the boy’s mother Naushin and that of the boy’s two sisters, Rukaiya and Aisha were discovered.


According to Bashir Parkar, the boy’s uncle, the family, post lockdown, had moved to their native village but had returned only a few days back so that Aisha could take advantage of the improved internet connectivity of the city and participate in the online classes


“His father is in Dubai. Naushin returned to Mahad with the children for the birth of Rukaiya in 2018. Here, we were staying on the third floor. After the lockdown, they moved to our village in Mandangad but returned just a few days ago because of poor connectivity there. Naushin didn’t want her daughter’s studies to be affected,” Parker said.


About 9.30 pm, the rescuers dragged out Mehrunissa Kazi, another survivor aged 70 years. Kazi was quite conscious and was talking in Marathi language. Officials reported that 3 more persons are yet to be traced.


The current death toll stands at 13, including the 45 years old Sayyed Samir who got a cardiac arrest on the evening of Monday while getting treated for the injuries received in the building collapse.


As per the administration of the district, the building’s age was below 10 years and it housed 41 apartments, a gymnasium, an open hall and an office. “The A wing had 21 flats with 54 people, and the B wing had 20 flats housing 43 persons,” said an official.


“About 70-80 residents escaped as soon as the building started to shake. At the moment, seven persons are being treated in hospitals, of which one was critically injured. Search and rescue operations are still underway,” said Nidhi Choudhari, District Collector.


The Raigad Police has filed a case against the five persons who were associated with the construction of the building. Among the five persons, there were the builder, the consultant, the architect, and the 2 officers of Mahad Municipal Council.


Relief and Rehabilitation minister of Maharashtra, Vijay Wadettiwar, visited the collapse site this Tuesday evening.post visit, he announced Rs 5 lakhs compensation each to the families that have lost their family members and an amount of Rs 50,000 each to all who were severely injured.


“The construction of the building was very poor. No one will be spared, they will have to face the harshest punishment. As a special case, in Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting, we will propose a special package of Rs 3 lakh or Rs 4 lakh per family for those who have been left with nothing,” said Wadettiwar.



Source: Indian Express

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