Elderly parents with mental health issues: 5 ways to convince them to seek help

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Elderly parents with mental health issues: 5 ways to convince them to seek help

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Friday, 28th August 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought our lives to a standstill. Elderly people are taking a hit and no doubt, they will be going through a lot of stress and frustration. Firstly, coronavirus has proved itself to be very dangerous for people of age above 60 and secondly, healthy senior citizens are scared to step out of the home from months together.


If you find that your parents’ mental health is breaking down due to the anxiety all around, you need to convince them with a lot of patience to seek help. Even today in our society, people wrongly think that seeing a therapist implies mental illness.


Mental issue need not always be as serious as Schizophrenia or depression. There are many others which are subtle and often not considered serious, for example anxiety, isolating oneself, anger and frustration etc. If you notice such any of patterns in your parents, be empathetic when you persuade them to seek medical help.


Here is how you can go about it:

1.     Make them realise that mental health check-up is something as normal as general health check-up. And don’t make it seem like they aren’t fine. This can worsen the situation.


2.     Get one for yourself so that they will realise that it is good to keep mentally healthy along with being physically fit. Set example for them.


3.     Observe, analyse, and understand their emotions. Be empathetic and positive when you encourage them to continue with the therapy.


4.     They must know that you care. And whatever you are doing to help them is because they mean so much to you. Never be harsh or rude when you put things out for them.


5.     Introduce them to online sessions and videos so that they will correctly comprehend what therapy actually means and why it is important. Let them know that expert intervention is necessary even at the initial stages of potential anxiety or any other mind-related issues.



Source: Healthy Shots 


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