Porbandar firing: Prasahant Sisodiya, BJP leader wounded

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Porbandar firing: Prasahant Sisodiya, BJP leader wounded

Alleged firing, 1 booked

Friday, 28th August 2020

Raju Rana Odedra shot Sisodiya, secretary of BJP’s Porbandar city unit after a quarrel at Bharat alias Bhalla Maiyariya’s residence in Porbandar’s Milpara on Thursday at 1 am, said the police.


Sonal, Bhalla’s wife, stated in her complaint that Odedra shot Sisodiya in the abdomen, at their house. She is Porbandar municipality’s former BJP councilor. He was immediately taken to a hospital in Porbandar and later referred to Rajkot for advanced treatment. Odedra’s second shot fortunately missed and did not hit anyone, she added.


On Wednesday, Odedra and his son-in-law Parbat Keshwala had visited their residence at 10:30 pm and had a bickering with her husband. Odedra were verbally abusive to Bhalla during Janmashtami festival.


“He pulled up his car in front of our house and started abusing my husband. He trained his gun at my husband and threatened to kill him. Prashantbhai (Sisodiya) and I were at the gate of the parking lot of our house, trying to reason with Odedra. As soon as I turned around to go inside, Odedra fired his pistol and the shot hit Prashantbhai who was at the gate”, she had said in the compliant.


He ran away after firing, said the police. He has been booked for attempt to murder and criminal intimidation by Kamlabaug police. Police inspector of Kamlabaug, N N Rabari stated, “Investigation is on, nobody has been arrested so far”.



Source: Indian Express




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